4Dimension (4D) is ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, we provide a variety of training and consultancy services in the Oil & Gas, municipal services, utilities, medical services, media and other industries. 4D is a local company registered and based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and networking with neighboring countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).It has also established a Training Center, which is well equipped and highly conducive for learning. 4Dimension (4D) make sure that with their services and consultancy a subject matter expert is created not only for an individual but also for a whole organization.

4Dimension (4D) helps to enhance individuals personal and professional skills. 4Dimension (4D) not only provides training and consultancy but also supply equipment, chemical materials and contractor services. 4D aims to offer all clients high quality and creative solutions for all aspects of employee competency and development. We are an enthusiastic learning, training and development consultancy and we pride ourselves on always delivering beyond what our clients require. Our reputation is second to none and we have clear and sound values both for ourselves and how we deliver to our clients. Integrity, trust and respect are high on our agenda and are implicit in all our business relationships. We have focused four distinct teams which includes:   


Technical and skill training 

Individual and team development 
Oil & Gas fields service 

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